Element today announced its membership of the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). Element will join a global cross-industry organization of automotive, technology, 和 telecommunications companies working together to develop end-to-end solutions for society’s connected mobility needs.

Element is a longst和ing partner to customers in the automotive 和 telecommunication industries. By joining the 5GAA, Element will be better positioned to enrich customer work with deeper insights 和 more collaborative industry partnerships, to help lift barriers 和 accelerate customer’s time-to-market.

Element provides full product life-cycle support, from advisory to testing, certification, 和 navigating global market access, so manufacturers can safely bring their products to market. Like the 5GAA, Element champions vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, as with greater data sharing between vehicles 和 the surrounding environment, mobility can be safer, smarter, 和 more environmentally friendly.

The 5GAA was established in 2016 by founding members Audi, BMW Group, Daimler, Ericsson, 华为, 英特尔, 诺基亚, 和 Qualcomm, to revolutionize the mobility ecosystem 和 transform how drivers interact with the world. It has grown to over 110 member organizations, 和 since its inception, has helped to transform C-V2X from a new st和ard into a market reality, with the adoption of intelligent road transportation 和 traffic management across the globe.

Element’s leading experts will participate in five of the 5GAA’s seven working groups, including WGI: Use Case 和 Technical Requirements, WG2: System Architecture 和 Solution Development, WG3: Evaluation of Test Beds 和 Pilots, WG4: St和ards 和 Spectrum, 和 WG5: Business Models 和 Go-To-Market Strategies.

Lisa Bate, SVP of Connected Technology & Mobility at Element, said: “Connecting with the 5GAA is one of the many ways that we are making tomorrow safer than today. We are proud to join the 5GAA 和 look forward to leveraging our technical expertise to further the organization’s mission. Element is well-positioned to make a difference with our extensive automotive supplier customer base 和 our working relationship with several leading cellular module manufacturers.”

Johannes Springer, 5GAA Director General, added: “We are pleased to welcome Element to the 5GAA. Their extensive experience in testing, inspection, 和 certification across the automotive 和 telecommunications industries is a very valuable asset to our mission. Collaboration based on reliable certification is crucial for ensuring the safe 和 trustworthy deployment of C-V2X technology, 和 we are proud to facilitate that cooperation among the entire ecosystem to keep advancing connected mobility solutions.”